Frequently asked Questions

Brussels Comics Figurines Museum


I would like to book a visit to the Brussels Comic's Museum

You can either book directly via our website, or we can establish a proforma invoice for groups or you can go directly to the site without reservation as the COVID-19 obligation is no longer relevant.

Is it possible to book on your site for a group?

The group rate from 15 people can also be booked online, you just have to specify the number of participants so that the rate is automatically adapted or select “group”.

How do I book a visit for a school?

Usually we send a proforma invoice showing the day and time of the visit, the number of children and their ages as well as the number of accompanying persons (1 accompanying person for 12 children minimum)

Also, the full contact details of the school.

Please send us an email with all the necessary information in order to send you the invoice.

Is there a maximum number of people accepted for a group?

For the comfort of the visit, we suggest not to exceed 25 to 30 people per group.

Would it be possible to make a block booking for 30 people and settle the balance on the day of the visit, depending on the exact number of people?

It is quite possible to create a reservation for 30 and then pay the payment the same day on the spot according to the number of people.

I want to book a guided tour of the Brussels Comics Figurines Museum for 3 months from now.

Unfortunately, we cannot book a guide more than 6 weeks before the date of the visit.

I would like to offer two tickets for the museum but I don't know what day they can go there. How can I buy tickets without specifying the day?

It is not possible to make a reservation without specifying the day and time of the visit.

Could you let me know how I can use the Brussels Card to order museum tickets?

It is not possible to book online with the Brussels Card, you just have to come on site and present your QR code!


Can you provide us with a group or give me the contact details of an institute that offers guides?

The guides are external to the museum and prepayment is required to confirm their presence.

A guide from outside the museum can be booked on weekends at the price of €120 for a maximum of 22 people, on Mondays and Fridays the price is €85.

You can agree directly with the company that manages them, (with a slight preference for Didier Rochette), it will be easier to contact them at:

Andrea Snaidero 

ITINERAIRES, Sur les Sentiers de l’Histoire
0032 (0)496 38 85 94


Do you offer discounts if you are presented with a press, teacher or disabled card?

Indeed, this reduction is generally given by national museums. The Brussels Comics Figurines Museum is a private museum without any subsidies.

With the hard knocks of the covid period and the increase in energy costs, we can no longer afford to offer this kind of reduction at the moment. ☹

Can preschoolers participate in activities?

The BRUSSELS COMICS FIGURINES MUSEUM is full of things to discover for the little ones, however it should be kept in mind that it is indeed a private collection and that the visit is done in peace and respect for the fragility of the exhibition.

We therefore do not offer any specific activity beyond the sound immersion present throughout the museum as well as a cinema.

Please let me know if the museum is wheelchair accessible.

Unfortunately, the museum is only accessible by escalators, although inside everything is flat.

Is it possible to eat on site?

You will find a bar accessible to visitors to quench your thirst, however food is strictly prohibited throughout the museum.

Are you open on public holidays and during vacations?

The BRUSSELS COMICS FIGURINES MUSEUM welcomes you on public holidays, during vacations and on Sundays. Find opening hours and days in the “Practical Info” tab

Does he have a store in the museum?

Yes, accessible to all. You will find collector’s items for sale and countless goodies (Tintin, Asterix, Marvel, etc.) to bring back as souvenirs!

I am interested in your museum but I have two children 4 months and 3 years old and I wanted to know if it could interest them? And what is the visiting time?

The museum features the most popular comic book characters that amaze young and old, including the Smurfs village. The visit takes an average of 45 minutes and also includes a small cinema. You will find a short presentation video on the site.

What about the temporary exhibitions (Klimt, Frida Khalo, etc.) also found in the Horta gallery? Is entry to the BRUSSELS COMICS FIGURINES MUSEUM also valid for other exhibitions?

About other exhibitions present in the Horta gallery, we are absolutely not connected to these; entry to the BRUSSELS COMICS FIGURINES MUSEUM only includes the museum. For information regarding tickets or reservations for other exhibitions, please inquire directly on their respective websites.

Do you have audio guides?

We do not have an audio guide but you can book a guide payable at least 10 days before the visit.

Do you still accept the Museum Pass card?

No, we ceased participation in January 2022. The commission charged being the highest on the market (50%) which was no longer financially profitable for our museum.

Is it really a private collection?

Yes, it belongs to 2 passionate collectors who took the risk of revealing part of their collection. Since 2012 the museum has constantly evolved and is partially renewed each year, it is certainly one of the core assets.

* OPEN 9 May 2024.*